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What clothing do we wear?

we would advise warm waterproof gear and boots as even in the summer it can be cold 40 miles out to sea. you can always take a coat off if you are too hot.we do have seats under cover to shelter.

Can we keep our Catch?

Yes,if with in size but remember to leave some for tomorrow.

Do you explain what we need to do in case of an emergency?

Yes, we explain all you need to know before we leave the marina. You will be given a full introduction of discovery and the emergency measure that will be taken.

Do you carry Insurance?

We have insurance and are checked by the MCAh3. How many passengers can you take?we are coded for 12 passengers and 3 crew

Do you supply bait on summer trips ?

We try to catch bait but you cant always guarantee it all ways ring to see what bait you need well in advance of your trip.

Do you fish in the night or do night trips?

Yes in the winter we fish for cod we some times start at 3am so its dark till 8am or we come in on some trips in the winter at 9.30 pm so is dark from 4 pm.

Do you fish over by the isle of man ?

Yes we have numerous wrecks and marks in the middle of the irish sea.

Do you supply rods and reels?

Yes we have a selection of uptiders and down tide rods and reels.

Do i have to climb to get on the boat?

No we walk along the pontoon and open a gate onto the boat

Do you make tea or coffee whilst at sea?

Yes we try to if conditions permit so i always advise to bring a drink just in case its a bit choppy, or we are busy netting fish

Do you fish off Wales?

Yes we can be of the welsh coast in 35 mins after we have left the marina.

Do you fish and dive all year

Yes we operate for 12 months of the year.

CAN WE BRING ALCOHOL. Beer and Spirits and Funny Tobacco are not allowed after somebody turned up with more drinks than fishing gear and a bottle of vodka was dropped on the deck, So if any body is found drinking alcohol we will return back to port remember its in your safety.

Getting A Car You can get a car sorted from our friends at Greasby Car Sales who are based on the Wirral.