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The Skipper


GARY FLINT Is a qualified yacht master with commercial endorsment which with Discovery`s coding of cat 2 means he can take 12 passengers and 3 crew upto 60 miles offshore day or night leaving nowhere in the Irish sea untouchable.He has been around boats for 40 years, diving and fishing all over the Irish sea and has a passion for locating new marks with his own side scan sonar and magnatometer as you can see by some of our catches and finds.

DARREN FLINT Is a Advanced comercially endorsed skipper,which means he can take passengers upto 20 miles from a safehaven day or night. His experiance of boating started when he was 6 months old when he use to accompany Gary and Lynne on offshore wrecking trips in there private boat.

Daz with a 9lb 12oz Cod


  • Lynne – Hygiene Squad
  • Jessie – Hygiene Squad
  • Ian – Crew
  • Dennis -The Tea maker

Whilst aboard “Discovery”, you will find one of the above people crewing for your party. If you have any problems or questions on the day, Please dont hesitate to ask as everybody is there to help.
picture left Daz is Darren with a 9lbs 1oz Cod