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Discovery is a 10 Mtr catamaran fitted with twin 215hp sabre perkins diesel engines, giving her a top speed of 28 knots. Running from LIVERPOOL marina. She has a door on deck into the toilet(electric flush) We also have seating under cover,The dive or seating bench outside has rod rests fitted into the top and has adequate storage underneath for kit.

Discovery is fitted with led spot lights all around the deck to make night fishing like daylight. Discovery has an electric dive lift, She has a side gate for easy access for getting on and off, Discovery has 40 sq meters of deck space she can comfortabley fish six anglers across the stern, Or even 8 down one side for wreck fishing. Discovery is fitted with all the required navigation lights to comply with coding



Discovery is fitted with on board Telephone, One Vhf Radio, One Dsc Radio, 3 Gps`s, 3 Plotters, Colour Sounder, Olex 3d Bottom Mapping, AIS Transmitter and Receiver, Navtex, Radar, 3 Compasses, Auto Pilot, Side Scan Sonar, Magnatometer.

Fishing Rods and Reels used Aboard Discovery21st March 2012: Discovery Charters are pleased to announce that we have agreed a sponsorship deal with Daiwa Sports Uk. All our rods and reels will be Daiwa, which are the latest and most advanced gear about. Kensaki braid boat rods with Saltist reels With level wind, Uptiders Daiwa Team Z type rods with Exceller E fixed spool reels.
pic to right is of our olex bottom mapping of a man made structure in the mersey



The boat is surveyed by the YDSA on behalf of the MCA. “Discovery” is Licensed for 12 passengers and 3 crew. She is equipped with 2×8man life-rafts on the roof and 15 life jackets which will be shown on the day of the trip. 2 Life rings can be located on either side of the wheelhouse, 1 by the wheelhouse door and the other near to the ladder on the opposite side. 2 Throw lines can be found on the boat with one under the canopy against the rear of the wheelhouse, below the window, and another next to the life ring adjacent to the ladder. A DSC radio which sends the position of the boat by the flick of a switch. A full flare kit can be found in the wheelhouse alongside a full first. The engine compartments have automatic fire extinguishers, 3 fire extinguishers can be located on deck under the canopy. AIS has been fitted allowing us to be seen by the larger vessels that run in and out of the Mersey and Approaches. This allows the other vessels to see the boats position and track the current heading. We can also do the same as the larger vessels and see the heading and speed they are travelling in. The picture to the right is the rods an reel we use every day Saltist reels ,Kensaki braid rods and uptiders all supplied by Daiwa UK